I recently started to look for a new laptop and guess what? There are so many options that I feel confused. Where to start? Let’s start with the size. My old laptop was with 17” display which I find quite handy to work with, but at the same time every time when I had to run with it in my backpack I suddenly felt it is a bit too heavy and big. Do I have to consider a smaller size this time? Well as I am not really carrying it that often outside the house I decided to buy again the same size. Logic – everything looks better on a bigger screen.Second to consider was the price that I find affordable. My laptop is my main source of fun so I really need something that can do almost everything, but at the same time it should not be too pricy. Logic – laptop is only the first thing in my very long shopping list. Next step, decide the brand. Here we talk about quality and quality is important to me, so here are some of my favorite laptop brands – Dell, Apple, Acer, HP and Sony. These are all good but overall the best thing that has ever been in my hands is my working lenovo Thinkpad laptop which surprise, surprise made me a great fan. Logic – very durable and never warm. This is enough for a non techie. I saw that just couple of days ago Lenovo G770 laptop debuted at Amazon. And again surprise, surprise it can make almost anything. It is not a thinkpad but is my favorite brand and it can make all my favorite things. Let’s make a quick check list. Intel 2nd Generation Core i5 – 2410M 17.3″ HD+ screen (1600×900), 16:9 widescreen 6GB DDR3 Memory, 750GB HDD Storage ATI Radeon HD 6650M Discrete Graphics with 1GB video memory HDMI output and Blu-Ray Combo Drive AccuType keyboard with individual rounded keys for comfortable and accurate typing As I already said for a non techie it looks great. Do you need something more from a laptop?